2017 Rewind: Michael Klein


How was 2017 for you?
Michael Klein: 2017 has been an exciting year for me. I’ve been playing some exciting club shows and enjoyed this years festival season a lot.

Having started my own label with now its third release coming up is definitely a highlight for me, especially because I was also able to host remixes by Amelie Lens, Eduardo de la Calle, Pan-Pot, Raiz and TWR72 on the label. Another release highlight was the collaboration EP called HUB 3, which came out a few weeks ago on Pan-Pot’s label Second State, where I had the opportunity to collaborate on four tracks with Pan-Pot, Amelie, Stephan Hinz and Roman Lindau. This has been a great experience and a lot of fun. Also having the time to finally get my hands on a light installation project again was another highlight for me and you should soon be able to see and experience the outcomes out of this project. And last but not least having joined the amazing Labyrinth booking team made me very happy as I have been respecting these guys and what they do since years now.

One word: Politics!

Song of the year?
Marcel Dettmann & Ben Klock’s “Phantom Studies”

What’s your New Years resolution?
Stress less about things that don’t really matter and focus.

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Video Premiere: Michael Klein – In Focus

michael klein

michael klein

We first encountered gifted producer/live performer and product designer at Native Instruments Michael Klein in 2015 when he released his standout three-track Drawing EP on Pan-Pot’s Second State label. The Berliner continues to push the musical envelope by refining his dark techy sound with each release.

Read Pan-Pot x Michael Klein: The Big Shot Interview here.

Last year Klein launched his BLK DRP label — where did he find the time? — and unveiled his #1 EP, featuring remixes by Amelie Lens and Raíz. Now he’s put together a striking music video for the sinewy track “In Focus,” and we’re extremely pleased to world premiere it.

The protagonist of the video is Berlin model Sara Mey. Framed in an austere triptych complemented by bursts of light and other visual accoutrements, the three panels eventually succumb to a single frame. Not long after rapid-fire cuts deliver a visual experience reminiscent of being on a crowded dance floor with strobe lights blazing. It’s truly a sight to behold.

Like Klein’s music, the video is mesmerizing and mysterious.

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Pan-Pot x Michael Klein: The Big Shot Interview


After having the pleasure of world premiering “Pattern Movement” featuring Geneviève Marentette from Berlin techno producer Michael Klein’s brilliant Drawing EP released last week on Pan-Pot‘s Second State label, we have a special treat for our readers. The duo — Thomas Benedix and Tassilo Ippenberger — sat down for an intimate chat with the latest edition to their label’s growing roster of talent.

In this revealing interview, Pan-Pot ask Klein about his music-making process and the array of creative activities that are on his plate.

“I always end up running multiple projects at the same time,” he confesses to the guys. “Once I have an idea in my head, I cannot stop until I release it. It’s a curse and a blessing but with less sleep, good time management and pure selfish drive to finish what I have started, I get it done somehow.” Continue Reading

Premiere: Michael Klein feat. Geneviève Marentette – “Pattern Movement”


Berlin duo Pan-Pot announced this month that their Second State label will release their new album, The Other, in September. The duo — Thomas Tassilo and Benedix Ippenberger — also use their imprint to shine the spotlight on artists they believe in, building a tidy roster of talent in the process.

Enter fellow Berliner Michael Klein to the fold. He’s a wildly inventive techno producer/DJ/live performer/product designer at Native Instruments and formerly half of DJ duo Klein & Meister. His artistry and technical prowess goes deep into the cosmos on his standout three-track Drawing EP.

We’re extremely pleased to world premiere the pulsating closing cut “Pattern Movement” featuring Geneviève Marentette from his new EP, a dark, hypnotic and thoroughly pulsating romp. As the vocal sample on the track urges, get it!

Michael Klein’s Drawing EP is released July 31, 2015 on Pan-Pot’s Second State imprint.