ME & her’s India Tour Diary

Earlier in the year we introduced you to Swiss misses ME & her, a rising Zurich-based techno DJ/producer duo composed of Phuong and Jen, just as they were about to release their three-track Lost EP on OFF Recordings. Since then they’ve continued to blaze trails in the DJ booth and production front. When we found out the twosome had played a mini tour of India, we asked them to document their experiences exclusively for Big Shot.

“We didn’t really know what to expect from the scene and the people there,” they tell us about their first excursion to India. “But we found out that they are huge techno fans and that India is definitely a country where we want to play again. We loved it!”

The Travel
We actually had seven flights in four days. That was a little bit of a challenge but also very adventurous.

Our route was:
Day 1: Zurich – Dubai – Mumbai – Hyderabad
Day 2: Hyderabad – Mumbai
Day 3: Mumbai – Delhi
Day 4: Delhi – Dubai – Zurich

The first day we travelled 24 hours in total, and when we arrived at the hotel we just had to leave again to play our first show. But before Hyderabad, and during our stopover in Mumbai, the promoter took us out to a lovely Indian restaurant where we had our first authentic Indian food. After the meal we got some Kachi Keri offered which is an after-meal digestive aid. Jen liked them so much that she had six of them. In general you should have only two of them to digest. Later Jen felt that her stomach might have had a few too many of them [laughs].

View over Dubai from the airplane

View over Dubai from the airplane

Phuong gives Jen a foot massage at the airport

Phuong gives Jen a foot massage at the airport

View over Mumbai from the airplane

View over Mumbai from the airplane

 Lunch with the promoter: our first traditional Indian dish

Lunch with the promoter: our first traditional Indian dish

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Aardy’s 5 Indian Electronic Artists to Know

DJ Aardy

Emerging Hyderabad, India-based DJ/producer Aardy (a.k.a. Raj Dorai) has been in the mix since the ’90s. In recent years he’s brought his brand of deep, pulsating blend of techno and house to cities beyond his hometown, including Beijing, Shanghai, Bangkok, Berlin, Amsterdam and Barcelona. Today he steps up in a big way with the release of his Volte Face EP on Sian’s brand-new label, Hydrozoa Records. Three tracks of big-room badness, the EP is a snapshot of an artist who is coming into his own.

With India’s dance-music scene growing by leaps and bounds, we asked Aardy to shed light on five Indian producers the rest of the world ought to know about. Continue Reading

Premiere: Midival Punditz – “Baanwarey”

Midival Pundit

Almost two decades into their career Gaurav Raina and Tapan Raj, the guiding hands behind New Delhi’s Midival Pundit, take their artistry to the next level on their fourth album, Light.

The confluence of bombastic electronic music spiced with elements of rock and heavy helpings of Indian folk (Rajasthani, Punjabi, Carnatic and Uttar Pradesh), Light is their first performance-based concept record.

We’re thrilled to world premiere the second cut off Light, “Baanwarey,” which was specifically tailored by the duo for the dance floor.

Featuring the voice of Rajashtani folk singer Kutle Khan (Midival Punditz previously collaborated with Khan on “Twilight” and won their first GIMA Award, India’s version of the Grammy’s, earlier this year), “Baanwarey” has been a staple in their DJ and live sets for the past two years.

Listen to the world premiere below and be sure to check out Light when it’s released on April 28 via Six Degrees.

Midival Punditz’s album release party featuring Ajay Prasanna, Malini Awasthi, Shardul Mehta, Karan Sharma, IP Singh & Kutle Khan Project takes place at Summer House Cafe in New Dehli, India, on April 17.

Image by Bharat Sikka

Namaste: Sebastien Leger Reports on First DJ Gigs in India


French house DJ/producer extraordinaire Sébastien Léger is currently celebrating two decades as a globetrotting mixmaster via an ongoing world tour. During the past 20 years Léger has remixed and produced tracks for choice labels including his Mistakes Music, 1605, 100% Pure, Intec and Ovum, regularly playing some of the finest clubs in the world.

In May Léger, who recently released his Funky Tech House sample pack for Loopmasters, played his first-ever pair of DJ dates in Mumbai and Delhi. Much has been made of the country’s growing club and festival scene, so we asked Léger if we should believe the hype.
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