Aardy’s 5 Indian Electronic Artists to Know

DJ Aardy

Emerging Hyderabad, India-based DJ/producer Aardy (a.k.a. Raj Dorai) has been in the mix since the ’90s. In recent years he’s brought his brand of deep, pulsating blend of techno and house to cities beyond his hometown, including Beijing, Shanghai, Bangkok, Berlin, Amsterdam and Barcelona. Today he steps up in a big way with the release of his Volte Face EP on Sian’s brand-new label, Hydrozoa Records. Three tracks of big-room badness, the EP is a snapshot of an artist who is coming into his own.

With India’s dance-music scene growing by leaps and bounds, we asked Aardy to shed light on five Indian producers the rest of the world ought to know about.

1. Kohra
He owns Qilla Records, has releases on multiple labels and is regarded as a great DJ act.

2. Ash Roy
Fat production, consistent and very detailed in his approach.

3. Vinayak’A
This man has been relentlessly pursuing what he believes. An inspiration to many.

4. Audio Units
This duo have been writing some great music.

5. Doktor Daniel
Good production from his end. Excels as a DJ too.

Darren Ressler

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