Premiere: Randomized Coffee – Baba


Brooklyn DJ/producer Nickodemus regularly travels the world, bringing his kinetic fusion of beats and grooves to clubs and festivals everywhere. This week his esteemed Wonderwheel Recordings, an imprint who’ve released music by a pelthora of amazing artists including The Spy From Cairo, Sid Vaga, Carol C and Nappy G, shines the spotlight on Italy by way of Randomized Coffee’s new EP.

Together, Massimiliano Troiani and Tommaso Checchi (who are also DJs) collaboratively craft a beautiful tapestry woven that’s together with elements from Afrobeat, Latin jazz and funk. They juxtapose African tempos and rhythms with house-grooves for a sound that’s both classic and modern.

We’re thrilled to world premiere their new jam “Baba,” an irresistible rhythmic funkfest full of interacting beats, chanted vocals and ecstatic saxophone.

Listen below and pick up the full release on September 8.

Darren Ressler

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