Premiere: Drumcomplex – Gravity


Two decades of uncompromising and unwavering dedication to techno — we’re talking blood, sweat and tears, folks — is engrained in the core of Drumcomplex’s Gravity EP.

An acclaimed project led by Arnd and Daniel Reichow, the brothers’ upcoming two-tracker is an evocative career-defining musical statement.

We’re extremely pleased to world premiere the EP’s title track. It’s a take-no-prisoners Detroit-style assault built on pounding drums, razor-sharp hi-hats, squiggly synths lines and banging grooves. “Gravity” is tailored to when the lights go down and the unbridled roar of the Funktion-One is all that matters in that moment.

Listen to the evocative track below and check the full release out on September 11 via Complexed Recordings.

Darren Ressler

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