Premiere: Ipek Gorgun – “Bloodbenders”


Turkish electro-acoustic composer Ipek Gorgun doesn’t limit herself to just one form of artistic expression. In addition to her work as a musician, she’s also a photographer and a published poet. But she really gets around in the music world, having worked with everybody from Otomo Yoshidide to David Brown of Brazzaville. Currently a Ph.D canididate of Sonic Arts at the Istanbul Technical University, Gorgun has been concentrating of late on perfecting her one-woman sonic constructions, and on February 16, some of those efforts will bear fruit with the release of her Aphelion album.

On “Bloodbenders,” the track you’ll find streaming below, you can get a pretty good idea of where Gorgun is coming from. Informed equally by ambient music and avant-garde modernism, her music is occupied more by sonic shadows than by overt statements, but within that mysterious, constantly shifting realm, she somehow manages to say plenty.

Jim Allen


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