DJs React to Paris Hilton’s DJ Debut on Twitter

They say bad things come in threes. In the world of dance music, Pendulum and Swedish House Mafia called it a day, and socialite Paris Hilton made her debut this past weekend at a party in Brazil. If you’ve seen the video from her performance (see clip below), then you’ll know that it isn’t a stretch to say it was an epic fail on many levels. While some gossip sites have declared Hilton’s set a success, it hasn’t gone down well with DJs and many took to Twitter yesterday to express their disdain. Florida breaks champion DJ Icey called her inroads into dance culture “a mockery” while trance jock Christopher Lawrence wondered, “Is this what EDM has become? Perhaps the best comment we came across was from a fan on YouTube who wrote, “I wasn’t even there and I want my money back.” Have a look below at what a few DJs had to say about Hilton’s maiden DJ voyage. Oh, and if you were wondering what Afrojack thought of his ex’s set, well, his lips were sealed.