Paris Hilton Instagrams Pic of Armand Van Helden, Thinks He’s A-Trak

paris hilton armand van helden

Oh, Paris. Not only does the zillionaire heiress have problems DJing (remember her horrific DJ debut in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2012?), she’s also not so good on social media.

Hilton apparently ran into DJ/producer Armand van Helden of Duck Sauce at Coachella and was so excited that she took a photo with him. According to Rumorfix, Hils posted it on Instagram with the caption, “Backstage of Sahara Tent with ATrak & Barbra Streisand.”

While Hilton was savvy enough to connect the dots between Duck Sauce and their monster hit “Barbra Streisand,” she mistakingly ID’d A-Trak — who wasn’t in the photo — instead of van Helden.


A-Trak commented, “I look a little different on here.” The photo was later taken down.

What did the always reserved Armand van Helden think of the incident? Well, he certainly didn’t tweet about it: van Helden has a Twitter account but has yet to tweet — ever.

Paris, the universe is definitely trying to tell you something.

Another Sign of the EDM Apocalypse: Paris Hilton House Album Due This Summer

dj paris hilton

After making a shambolic debut as a DJ in Sao Paulo last summer and later spinning at Cannes, Paris Hilton has made good on her promise to make house music all night long. The heiress has announced to Showbiz 411 that she has signed to Cash Money Records and will issue her dance themed second album in the summer. Hilton reportedly received production help from her now ex-beau Afrojack and has been quoted as saying that the upcoming full-length sounds “more house” and vastly different from her first pop album. What else is Hilton up to? Plenty. “I’m getting ready to launch my 17th perfume,” she said. “And I’m also starting the Paris Hilton Foundation for children’s causes.” Let’s hope a DJ tour isn’t in the works.

After Failed DJ Debut in Sao Paulo, Paris Hilton Spins in Cannes

After what was regarded as a disasterous debut on the decks in Sao Paulo in June, prompting DJs to vent their thoughts on Twitter, Paris Hilton played a surprise DJ set at Gotha nightclub in Cannes Saturday night. An insider told X17online, “The crowd went absolutely wild when Paris showed up at the DJ booth. Princes from the royal families were dancing nonstop and loved her so much. They kept sending her massive $200K bottles of wine and champagne.” The Daily Mail reported otherwise: “Wearing a black and white tiger motif mini dress, black sunglasses and fingerless gloves, the socialite appeared to be enjoying her mix even if the crowd of middle-aged men at the Palm Beach Casino club were unmoved.”

There’s no video of Hilton’s set on YouTube as of now, but rest assured we will continue searching for it.

Paris Hilton’s DJ Skills Called Out On Diss Track

Diss tracks are a common weapon feuding rappers, but they’ve popped up over the years in other musical genres. While many in the global DJ community were appalled at Paris Hilton’s debut DJ set last month on Sao Paulo, Brazil — many DJs took their opinions to Twitter — New York City DJ Jane Bang decided to put her mixing where he mouth is and called out the heiress on a new track. In “Put Your Hands Up For The DJ’s” Bang tears into Hilton, calling her a “fake DJ” who “can’t mix for s**t.” “B**ch you ain’t no DJ … You a fake DJ … You didn’t mix that track … You f**kin iTunes’d that!… Better keep sucking on that Afrojack d@#k….”

Will Hilton respond to Bang calling her out? We’re going to bet not, but you never know. You can hear Bang’s track exclusively on her latest podcast, which also features non-diss tracks from Wolfgang Gartner, Santigold and Nero.