Paris Hilton’s DJ Skills Called Out On Diss Track

Diss tracks are a common weapon feuding rappers, but they’ve popped up over the years in other musical genres. While many in the global DJ community were appalled at Paris Hilton’s debut DJ set last month on Sao Paulo, Brazil — many DJs took their opinions to Twitter — New York City DJ Jane Bang decided to put her mixing where he mouth is and called out the heiress on a new track. In “Put Your Hands Up For The DJ’s” Bang tears into Hilton, calling her a “fake DJ” who “can’t mix for s**t.” “B**ch you ain’t no DJ … You a fake DJ … You didn’t mix that track … You f**kin iTunes’d that!… Better keep sucking on that Afrojack d@#k….”

Will Hilton respond to Bang calling her out? We’re going to bet not, but you never know. You can hear Bang’s track exclusively on her latest podcast, which also features non-diss tracks from Wolfgang Gartner, Santigold and Nero.

Darren Ressler

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