John Digweed Stalker Pleads Guilty

john digweed

A woman in England has pleaded guilty to stalking Bedrock Records boss John Digweed.

According to Kent Online, Sharon Rennie, 49, sent Digweed a large number of emails between June and October, none of which were replied to. The emails expressed admiration, love and were sometimes sexually explicit. In addition to attempting to get the DJ’s phone number from his agent, Rennie approached Digweed while performing at The Social Festival in Kent, England, in September. She reportedly ran up to him and kissed him, saying, “It’s great to see you. Are you coming home with me?” Digweed had her ejected by security.

Three days later Rennie turned up at his home, attempting to confirm his address with a neighbor.

Rennie apologized in court and promised to never contact him again. She was sentenced to 120 days in prison, suspended for two years, and ordered to pay Digweed £100 in compensation.

Premiere: Uner – The Dock and the Elevator


Uner won 2016. His list of accomplishments are many, so here are but a few highlights we can name off the top of our head: He DJ’ed at BPM Festival and Winter Music Conference; toured North America; launched CommUNERty in order to give free music to his fans; started first US residency in Los Angeles at the exclusive venue Le Jardin; and released a flurry of brilliant productions and remixes (most notably his From The Other Side EP on Culprit featuring a re-rub from Poker Flat boss Steve Bug). Whew!

The Solar Distance label boss closes out the year in a big way by contributing his celestial, acid-tinged “The Dock and the Elevator” to Bedrock 18, a release celebrating the 18th anniversary of John Digweed’s revered label. The package includes two discs of cuts by label mainstays and newcomers as well as a full-length album by chillout purveyor C-Jay. Get an exclusive first listen to Uner’s pristine effort, and check out Bedrock 18 on December 2.

Review: 3LIAS & Ali Ajami – Bring it Back


4.5 out of 5 stars

Whether you dig the deeper shades of progressive house or roll closer to the dark and techy side of things, John Digweed’s Bedrock label has been the genre’s standard bearer for the past several years. Despite the different sounds, styles and artists, one thing is consistent across each and every release: quality. And “Bring It Back,” the newest latest from Lebanon’s 3LIAS and Ali Ajami, delivers.

The original version of “Bring It Back” is pure perfection. Sexy synths, a warm bassline, smooth grooves, guitar, drums and a pinch of magic. It turns down a low-key funk with a mild disco flavor and an almost jam-session-like progression of layers riffing off each other with an easy camaraderie. This one’s about the journey, not the destination. So enjoy the trip. The flip side features a remix from Manchester’s OC & Verde and is an almost complete rework. Where the original had a subtle swing and sultry vibe, the remix is a straight in-your-face ride with more punch but fewer elements. The groove from the original is replaced by a bold energy and pounding kicks and this one does indeed bring it back with a quasi-’90s progressive build. It’s got a different sound for a different set, but both will earn top marks among DJs, critics, and (most importantly) the dance floor.

Big Shot Guest Mix 322: The Shaker


DJ/producer Pete “The Shaker” Bones has been there and done that during his career. He’s played his brand of progressive house and techno at clubs all over the world; released tracks on labels including Superfreq, City Seven, Nosi, Bedrock; remixed cuts for FFRR, London Records and XL—all while helming his Red Ant label. After signing tracks to Superfreq, NOSI, City Seven, and We are Here Music in 2015, this year Bones signed tracks to John Digweed’s Bedrock imprint and inked a new global distribution deal for Red Ant. To commemorate the release of his Bring Your Love Down EP, which was issued this month on Red Ant, Bones crafted a rockin’ 11-track guest mix featuring cuts by Superpitcher, Daniel Casa, Zombies in Miami and Marino Canal. “The inspiration for this mix came from a set I played recently in the courtyard of a stately 13th century mansion in England,” Pete tells us. “The party is called What The? and is a yearly event, a two-day retreat for those who know during the beautiful British summertime.” Check the mix below and catch him at New World Brewery in Tampa on October 15.

Big Shot Guest Mix 322: The Shaker

  1. Superpitcher – “People” (Kompakt)
  2. The Shaker – “Snow Globe” (Red Ant)
  3. Pete Bones – “Iron Curtain” (Red Ant)
  4. Eddie Vedder – “The Wolf” (Niko Schwind Remix) (White)
  5. Daniel Casa – “After Warsavia” (Embi Music)
  6. Marino Canal – “Solace” (MOOD)
  7. Montcosmik – “Agonie” (Nein)
  8. Zombies in Miami – “Shadows” (Correspondant)
  9. Pete Bones – “Another Fine Mess” (Red Ant)
  10. The Shaker – “Bring your Love Down” (Red Ant)
  11. JW Paris – “Animal” (Red Ant)