DJs React to DJ Mag Poll on Twitter [Updated]

The results of DJ Mag’s annual Top 100 poll was announced last night in Amsterdam (see the full list of winners here). Armin van Buuren took the top spot for the fifth time, edging out 2011 winner David Guetta, who fell to the fourth position. Since last night DJs have been on Twitter, some expressing their gratitude for making the list and others having a less positive view. Winner Armin van Buuren tweeted that his victory was “overwhelming”; Hardwell proclaimed he has “the best fans in the world” and Nervo tweeted that they too were “overwhelmed.” But not everyone was feeling the love: Diplo, who landed at 102 on the poll, tweeted “Seriously I don’t even know what dj mag is is it actually a magazine? Like people?” Sasha offered “Oh no dj Angerfist beat me in the DJ mag poll. My career is over.” Feed Me suggested that the poll is “a corrupt and an outdated model.” But perhaps the most curious tweet was from Kaskade who wondered, “Is a DJ Mag Poll Relevant?” Have a look below at the chatter on Twitter and tell us who you agree or disagree with.

Oct. 22 update: See new tweets from BT, Alesso, Sébastian Léger and others at the bottom of the story.

What Every DJ Needs: Teague Labs 13:30 3D Printable Headphones

If you’re a technology buff, then you probably know about the movement toward 3D printing. In short, it’s a revolutionary technology that allows intricate designs to be crafted on a software program and printed in 3D form. Teague Labs have introduced its 13:30 printed headphones, because its print time is 13 hours and 30 minutes.

With 3D printers becoming more accessible we decided to have a think around the concept “life in beta” as a future scenario. What if printed prototypes could become actual products? Meaning, once off the print bed an object could be assembled without any tools and be made functional by readily attainable components. I decided to stress test the premise with the challenge of making electronically simple yet functionally complex headphones.

Details include the flexible yet durable strap and semi-articulating cans: although ABS can be finicky at times, the designers at Teague have managed to compensate for the brittleness of the material.

According to Core777, details include the flexible yet durable strap and semi-articulating cans: although ABS can be finicky at times, the designers at Teague have managed to compensate for the brittleness of the material.

Senior Designer John Mabry explains the evolution on Teague Labs’ blog: “With that in mind, I started to adapt the 13:30 design to the Maker Bot Replicator last week. The main challenge: How to build to a similar level of quality without soluble support. With a bit of experimentation, I’m pretty sure it can be done so look for some updates on that very soon! In the meantime, I posted the current model(s), component list, and instructions on Thingiverse for you to make your own working headphones right now.”

With headphones now a reality in the 3D printing world, could a 3D printed DJ mixer be next? Let’s hope so.

DJs React to Presidential Debate On Twitter

After weeks of anticipation President Barack Obama and former Gov. Mitt Romney squared off last night in the first televised debate held at the University of Denver. The two candidates debated over the economy, jobs and health care, with both sides giving pundits days worth of material until the vice-presidential debate on October 11. (In case you missed the debate, you can stream it here.)

While analysis of last night’s proceedings will be with us for at least two news cycles, DJs were following the action in real-time on Twitter. Moby sent out a flurry of tweets wondering if his followers were nervous, later declaring “well that sucked.” Sharam and Diplo offered a funny quips with DJ Craze declaring that he would move to Nicaragua if Romney won. However, David Alvarado and Tommie Sunshine took the debate a little more seriously. Perhaps one of the best series of tweets came from DJ Gospel, who brilliantly offered up his own DJ debate.

Have a look below at some of last night’s action on Twitter and tell us what you think.

Usain Bolt Celebrates Olympic Gold with London DJ Set [Video]

How did Jamaica’s Usain Bolt celebrate the milestone of becoming the world’s fastest man after defending his triple gold in the 100, 200 and 4x100m relay at the London Olypmics? By hitting a Brick Lane nightclub in London and performing an impromptu DJ set, of course.

“I’m feeling great, I’m happy I did what I did. I came here to become a legend and I am now so I’m very happy with myself,” Bolt said before entering the DJ booth.

“I am a legend,” Bolt shouted out to the packed dance floor from the decks with his arms raised in the air.

This isn’t the first time Bolt has hit the decks, having taken to the turntables last year in Paris. While Bolt clearly has a lot to celebrate given his accomplishments during the past two weeks, here’s hoping this musical victory in the DJ booth lap doesn’t become a habit.