DJs React to Final Presidential Debate on Twitter

The final presidential debate was held last night at Lynn University in Boca Raton, FL. As Americans and the world took in their last chance to see President Barrack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney weigh in on foreign affairs, DJs were closely watching the televised proceedings and tweeting their thoughts. Some of the best tweets of the night came from DJ Craze who wrote, “People who say that djs should stay away from politics are kinda lame … What? we supposed to only be drunk party animals with no brains?” But our favorite tweet came from DJ Sharam. “Obama wants to invest in Space. I like that. I do need to know which though, Miami or Ibiza?” Have a look at some of what was tweeted last night.

DJs React to Presidential Debate On Twitter

After weeks of anticipation President Barack Obama and former Gov. Mitt Romney squared off last night in the first televised debate held at the University of Denver. The two candidates debated over the economy, jobs and health care, with both sides giving pundits days worth of material until the vice-presidential debate on October 11. (In case you missed the debate, you can stream it here.)

While analysis of last night’s proceedings will be with us for at least two news cycles, DJs were following the action in real-time on Twitter. Moby sent out a flurry of tweets wondering if his followers were nervous, later declaring “well that sucked.” Sharam and Diplo offered a funny quips with DJ Craze declaring that he would move to Nicaragua if Romney won. However, David Alvarado and Tommie Sunshine took the debate a little more seriously. Perhaps one of the best series of tweets came from DJ Gospel, who brilliantly offered up his own DJ debate.

Have a look below at some of last night’s action on Twitter and tell us what you think.