Petre Inspirescu Mixes House and Classical on ‘Fabric 68’

fabric 68

Romanian DJ/producer Petre Inspirescu, who has released tracks on Cadenza, runs A:rpia:r with fellow Rhadoo and Raresh and helms his own Yojik ConCon label, has mixed Fabric 68. Due out on February 18, the house-centric 15-track mix takes a unique path, utilizing classical instrumentation on some of the tracks.

Obligatory press release gush from Inspirescu, who produced 14 of the 15 tracks: “I recorded the mix at home and arranged only from my own productions, as I wanted to try to offer a more classical touch to the music I make for the dancefloor and to present it to people. Some of the songs were recorded more than one year ago, maybe two, and some recently. The songs include recordings with a trio (violin, cello, piano) in my studio, other instruments, voice (soprano) and modular sounds.”

Tracklisting for Fabric 68

1. Petre Inspirescu – Lumiere [Yojik ConCon]
2. Petre Inspirescu – Chestii Socoteli [Yojik ConCon]
3. Petre Inspirescu – In Miriste [Yojik ConCon]
4. Petre Inspirescu – La Cuba [Yojik ConCon]
5. Petre Inspirescu – Anima [Yojik ConCon]
6. Petre Inspirescu – Chosen [Yojik ConCon]
7. Petre Inspirescu – Seara-n Crang [Yojik ConCon]
8. Petre Inspirescu – FH Dub [Yojik ConCon]
9. Petre Inspirescu – Flurimba [Yojik ConCon]
10. Petre Inspirescu – Basso Ostinato [Yojik ConCon]
11. Petre Inspirescu – Vastu’ Da Gama [Yojik ConCon]
12. Petre Inspirescu – Dansul Libelulei [Yojik ConCon]
13. Petre Inspirescu – Je T’aime Lori [Yojik ConCon]
14. Petre Inspirescu – Murgul [Yojik ConCon]
15. Bodiu Radu Dumitru – Piano Preludes [Yojik ConCon]

Shlomi Aber Discusses DJ Life in Tel Aviv During Missile Strikes

The deadly missile strikes rocking Tel Aviv and Gaza this week have many across the globe shocked, but Israeli DJ/producer Shlomi Aber says the violence is “normal.”

“For us, it’s the usual for us. Same old crap,” Aber told Big Shot as missiles flew over his home just outside of Tel Aviv. “Basically we’re in the middle of this mess. It’s normal.”

Aber, who has released tracks on Ovum, Desolat and Cadenza and runs his own imprint, Be As One, was among the thousands who hunkered down at home as the missiles flew overhead last week between Gaza and Tel Aviv. Aber lives about 10 minutes from the Gaza border in a seaside Israeli town.

“It’s really mad right now over here,” he said. “It’s been a messy situation with Gaza and the Palestinians. It’s going crazy over here. They’re shooting missiles over Israel right now.”

Despite the deadly military violence, Aber was focusing on re-scheduling a U.S. tour that was cancelled because of Hurricane Sandy, as well as several new releases, including an upcoming track on Desolat’s five-year anniversary album.

“Whatever is going on in Gaza, it’s crazy,” he said. “But people are not really influenced by the political situation and they don’t let it interrupt their lives. You get used to it after so long.”

Shlomi Aber’s “Foolish Games” feat Möggli is out on December 10 via Be As One Imprint.

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RIP Ibiza Mogul Samuel Guetta

Samuel Guetta, head of Cadenza Records since 2008, creator of Freak n Chic managing and booking agency with Dan Ghenacia and a major force in the Ibiza clubbing scene, died in his home in Ibiza on July 19. Guetta was 40 and leaves behind a wife and two children. Details about his unexpected death aren’t known at the moment.

In addition to running Cadenza, Guetta, who relocated from France to Ibiza in 1997, also co-founded music website Ibiza Voice. Among his many ventures he also managed Luciano and helped develop the successful Vagabundos party.

Ibiza Voice’s staff posted a heartfelt tribute to Guetta, saying that “he adored drama. ‘Hype, lies and gossip’ wasn’t just a tagline: it was a way of life.” They added, “Samuel was a walking exclamation mark who whirled through rooms trailing cigarette smoke and superlatives.”