Argy’s ‘Chronographic’ Benefits At-Risk LGBT Youths

DJ argy

Not only does the arrival of Greek-born, London-based house producer Argy‘s new retrospective collection Chronographic offer an opportunity to catch up with the highlights of all the work he’s done over the years, it also allows you to contribute to a good (and vital) cause. All the profits from sales will go to a New York City organization called New Alternatives, which provides food and shelter to the homeless, the mentally ill and anyone dealing with LGBT-oriented discrimination.

There are three new tracks included on Chronographic, as well as collaborations and remixes that feature everyone from Luciano and Timo Maas to DJ Gregory and Jerome Sydenham. Speaking about the LGBT youths New Alternatives reaches out to, Argy says, “Many have suffered the indignities of having been kicked out of their homes by homophobic families, forced to flee conservative communities, aged out of foster care, or come from families torn apart by poverty, AIDS, drug abuse or eviction. House Music has given me a voice, a platform for expression, and generally a ‘passport’ to experience this world globally. I want to give something back to the very source of the music and culture, from which it sprang. Forty years ago, this same demographic was suffering from severe prejudice and violence.”

Jim Allen

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