Bjarki Empties His Archives On 3 Vinyl LPs



Iceland’s Bjarki, whose work encompasses techno, house and much more, and defies easy categorization, has some releases planned that threaten to redefine the very idea of what an album is. Between June and September, the Nina Kraviz‘s Trip label will be unleashing three LPs featuring tracks selected by Kraviz from Bjarki’s archives, but they’re not meant to be traditional albums in the conventional sense. Rather than arranging the tracks (which range from years old to just weeks old) in an order intended to have a specific effect, he’s letting the releases find their own form, leaving the links between the tracks up to the listeners.

The first release, due out on June 17, is Б, which seems to bear more of a ’90s rave-influenced sound. FYI, the title is the letter “B” in cyrillic, in case you were wondering. Lefthanded Fuqs is set to arrive in August, and apparently we can expect that one to contain material of a more experimental bent, including some film scores. Æ (pronounced “I” for those keeping track) will host tracks with “restrained instrumentation, made on hardware.” Talking about the project, Bjarki commented,  ‘’I think making an album is always hard, especially with all critiques that can be scary, in the end I just want people to enjoy what I put out without the music being forced into some category.’’

Jim Allen

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