Beatport Shutters Everything to Focus On….Selling Music!

Beatport auction

The situation over at Beatport grows more precarious by the day. In a statement published on the company’s blog it was announced that Beatport will shutter its music and video streaming platforms, news blog, events and mobile app on May 13. The drastic move is an effort to focus its dwindling resources on the Beatport Store. The news comes as its parent company, SFX Entertainment, was scheduled to auction off Beatport. According to the statement, the auction has been placed on hold for the time being. Forty-nine Beatport employees have been reportedly laid off as part of the restructuring.

As for the future, the missive had this to say: “Going forward, we will refocus our attention and resources on our flagship business, the Beatport Store. We’ve already made noticeable improvements in site performance, with our most-used features (track, release, artist, and genre pages) running up to 51% faster. For over 12 years, the Beatport Store has served DJs and the electronic music community. As a new generation of artists, performers, and sounds develop and grow, inspired by the leaders of today and the past, the Beatport Store will continue to be there to support the music and inspire the community.”

Darren Ressler

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