Electronic Artist White Rainbow Accused of Beating Ex-Girlfriend

White Rainbow Adam Forkner

Los Angeles via Portland electronic music artist Adam Forkner, who records under the White Rainbow moniker and has released records on Kranky, Marriage Records and Gnar Tapes, allegedly attacked his now former girlfriend Christine Messersmith in the LA home they shared together last month, according to LA Weekly. In a Facebook post, Messersmith shared pictures of her injuries (two black eyes, multiple bruises).

“The attack lasted for 15 minutes; cornering me and smashing my face and body into objects and the floor, running from him from room to room until I was forced into my closet and called the police. When I asked him how he could do this to me, he later said he went into a black out rage; he simply could not recall much of it, indicating a deep and troubling psychosis” and later in the post, “Charges have been pressed but this has all remained very much in the dark. He abides in our old home, and I have been forced out into Airbnb and relying on the kindness of my friends and family, I have had so much love surround me as I exist in a cloud of PTSD.”

In a follow-up post, Messersmith added, “This was not meant to turn into a witchhunt, but if you ask me if I care about his well-being; I do. Which is why I posted it. Someone who is in denial can not begin to deal with their serious problems until they get a blinding light of reality forced upon them. Knowing Adam, this of course will destroy his life,” she added. “But i hope when that is over and he is left with nothing, that the concept of empathy or compassion will enter him for the first time, as I have never known him to be a compassionate individual. Lack of empathy and an attitude of entitlement breeds psychosis. That is the base of this tragedy. No more wolfpack bro mentality bullshit either. That shit needs to end yesterday.”

Forkner’s most recent cassette release on L.A.-based electronic label, 21 Exoticism ESCAP, has been removed. On the imprint’s Facebook page owner Matthewdavid wrote, “In light of the events presented, worldwide removal of our White Rainbow title has begun. Leaving Records does not support violence against women, whatsoever.”

Forkner has yet to comment on the allegations.

Darren Ressler

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