‘Strictly Roger Sanchez’ Retrospective Out in April

Strictly Roger Sanchez

Internationally lauded New York City house music institution Roger Sanchez might have the Midas touch, but he comes from humble beginnings. Hailing from the streets of Queens, NY, he’s worked diligently to raise his profile from aspiring DJ/producer in the late ’80s to touring the world, running his own label and holding down residencies in Ibiza. A selection of Sanchez’s most important work is the subject of a well-curated retrospective, Strictly Roger Sanchez, out on April 22.

Divided into three sections — Remixes, Productions, The Strictly Years — the 31-track compendium includes his seminal cover of Steve Wonder’s “Another Star” fronted by Kathy Sledge, ‘Luv Dancin’’” cut under his Underground Solution alias and his timeless remix of Aly-us’ classic anthem “Follow Me.”

The globetrotting Sanchez touches down in Miami to play Nervous’ annual pool party on March 18. Though he’s always one to include the freshest tracks in his sets, odds are good he’ll manage to sneak in a classic or two from the list below strictly for the ‘heads.


CD1 – Remixes
01. Billie Ray Martin ‘Your Loving Arms’ (Hands In the Air Mix)
02. Incognito ‘Givin’ It Up’ (Uplifting Club Mix)
03. Drizabone ‘Pressure’ (Soul Sensation Mix)
04. Valerie Etienne ‘Misunderstanding’ (Roger’s R-Senal Mix)
05. Love Tribe ‘Stand Up’ (Narcotic Mix)
06. Corrina Joseph ‘Live Your Life With Me’ (Narcotic Vocal Mix)
07. Howie B. ‘Making Love On Your Side’ (S-Man’s Dark Gypsy Mix)
08. House of Gypsies ‘Sume Sigh Sey (Da S-Man’s Junglisticly Funkee Mix)
09. Raw Stylus ‘Pushing Against The Flow’ (Roger Sanchez Narcotic Mix)
10. Psychedelic Waltons ‘Wonderland’ (S Man Dark Tribe Mix)

CD2 – Productions
01. Michael Watford ‘Michael’s Prayer’ (Album Version)
02. Kathy Sledge ‘Another Star’ (Roger’s Ultimate Anthem)
03. The S-Man ‘Time To Stop’ (9 To 5 Mix)
04. Roger S. presents Nu-Solution featuring Tonya Wynne ‘I Need You’ (Nu Solution Mix)
05. Sound of One ‘As I Am’ (Roger’s Uplifting Mix)
06. Roger S. ‘The Deep’
07. Roger S. ‘My Organ’
08. Roger Sanchez presents Twilight ‘I Want Your Love’ (Roger’s Classic Club Mix)
09. Roger S. ‘Body Heat’ (Nu-Solution Mix)
10. The S-Men ‘Back’ (Roger’s Ill Steelo Mix)

CD3 – The Strictly Years
01. Underground Solution ‘Luv Dancin’ (InDeep Mix)
02. Roger S. ‘Get Hi’ (The Original Mix)
03. Aly-us ‘Follow Me’ (Can You Feel The Dub)
04. DV8 ‘Work It’ (Original Mix)
05. Roger S ‘Shake Shake’ (Original Mix)
06. Roger S ‘Let Yo Body Jerk’ (Original)
07. Roger S ‘Loft Groove’ (Original)
08. The Rhythm Factor ‘Lose Control’ (Egotrip Mix)
09. Tribal Infusion ‘Sumba Lumba’ (S-Man’s Got You In A Trance Mix)
10. Brotherhood Of Soul ‘I’ll Be Right There’ (Hardtimes Mix)
11. Funk Junkeez ‘Got Funk’ (Da Mongaloids Funktastic Funk Mix)

Darren Ressler

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