Limited Edition Giorgio Moroder Custom Synth On The Way


About a week and a half ago, close observers caught sight of what seemed to be a custom-made synth being played by Italo-disco godhead Giorgio Moroder — whose comeback album is due out in June — in a video and started getting very excited, but no official information was made available about it until now. If you’re connected to Moroder’s official page on Facebook (and why wouldn’t you be?) you may have seen him post a link to a site about the new MoroderNova, which makes the musical legend’s legacy just a little bit larger.

After Moroder used a Novation MiniNova synth during his American DJ debut performance at Deep Space at Cielo in NYC two years ago, the seed was planted for what has now been revealed as a limited-edition custom Moroder-branded version of the instrument.

There will only be 500 MoroderNovas sold, but every one will come custom-loaded with special patches based on some of Moroder’s most famous productions, from his pioneering work with Donna Summer on “I Feel Love” to his trailblazing electronic instrumental “The Chase” and many more.

And every time you sneak a peek at the top of the synth, you’ll see the trademark shades-and-mustache Moroder logo letting you know you’re behind the wheel of a Giorgio machine. In the meantime, register at the site to find out when the MoroderNova will be available.

Jim Allen

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