Premiere: KING 810 – “eyes” (Eelrack Remix)

king 810

In Flint, Michigan, crime and poverty overshadow daily life. Flint natives KING 810 have coped with the city’s socio-economic situation, channeling their life experiences, challenges and emotions into an acclaimed album, Memoirs of a Murderer, released last year on Roadrunner. KING 810’s riffs are heavy, and their songs are intense. Armed with songs that speak from the heart, their talent and integrity has resonated across the world, attracting a legion of like-minded souls.

Utilizing an evolving, in-yer-face and somewhat arty live show presented in the tradition of kindred spirits like Slipknot and Ghost, KING 810 have flipped the script by handing over their solemn ballad “eyes” (“When you put me in the ground… go deep, deep, deep… sleep, sleep it all away….”) to Brooklyn via Los Angeles house DJ/producer Eelrack, who’s crafted a brilliant remix which we’re thrilled to world premiere.

On Eelrack’s interpretation he effortlessly escorts “eyes” from the periphery of the mosh pit to the dance floor, presenting a slinky groove while integrating bits of the song’s poignant vocals into the remix.

“When making our record originally we knew we would eventually want to remix pieces of it,” says KING 810 front man David Gunn. “Somewhere around the mid-’90s the bigger ones like Aphex Twin and Prodigy brought our attention to the genre, and we’ve been fans of electronic music since. We plan on collaborating and continuing to give our material to the electronic world.”

Hit the play button below and marvel how heavy metal and electronic music unite as one. If only people could all get along this well.

Darren Ressler

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