Review: Giorgio Moroder – ‘Déjà Vu’



Giorgio Moroder was pioneering the sound of the future long before he gained international notoriety in the ‘70s. Lauded for his groundbreaking production work, musical partnership with disco diva Donna Summer as well as collaborating with David Bowie, Blondie and countless artists, Moroder’s artistic renaissance began to take shape in 2013 by way of “Giorgio on Moroder,” a track on Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories. The expansive 9-minute homage opened him up to a new generation and gave him the chance to provide a first-person account of his amazing career. “Nobody told me what to do, there was no preconception about what to do.”

After beginning his DJ career at 74 later that year, the now 75-year-old synth legend presents his first album in 30 years, Déjà Vu. Despite of his impeccable credentials, influence on dance music and heartwarming comeback story, Déjà Vu is underwhelming pop fluff.

With its cookie cutter buildups and breakdowns “4 U With Love” is schlocky and unimaginative EDM. “Don’t Let Go” featuring Mikky Ekko is one of those unlistenable faux inspirational songs torn from David Guetta’s crossover songbook. “Diamonds” featuring Charli XCX and “I Do This For You” featuring Marlene are both horrific pop-dance schmaltz. Both tunes fit the archetype of the frustratingly awful Euro songs you’ll hear bleating from a pizza joint on Collins Avenue in Miami any day of the year.

Moroder’s cover of Suzanne Vega’s “Tom’s Diner” featuring Britney Spears is the album’s strongest moment. Spears’ voice is bold and suits Mordor’s rock-solid production which builds upon Vega’s 1987 original and DNA’s subsequent chart-topping 1990 remix. In the end this glimmer of hope isn’t nearly enough to turn the tide.

Giorgio Morodor’s 17th album, Déjà Vu, is one I’d prefer not to have again.

Class Actress: New Video & Moroder-Produced EP


The backstory behind Movies, the upcoming EP from Class Actress, reads like a steamy Hollywood thriller, so it’s only appropriate that the video that the Movies track “More Than You” should follow suit. Elizabeth Harper (a.k.a. Class Actress) left her home in New York behind for L.A. in 2013 — a stay in a notorious Hollywood hotel and one intense love affair later, Harper had the inspiration for the cinematic songs that make up Movies. The steamy, surprising video for “More Than You” plays out like a lost David Lynch movie, and the music reflects that sleek-but-decadent, slightly disturbing feel perfectly.

The EP is due out June 23 via Casablanca Records and was co-produced by the legendary Giorgio Moroder, Neon Indian and Mess Kid. The executive producers are Moroder and Evan Bogart, son of famed Casablanca founder Neil Bogart. For Moroder being back with a Bogart on Casablanca (home of many a disco hit in the ’70s) feels very much like home.

Moroder says, “It was such an amazing experience to work on a release for Casablanca again… She [Class Actress] is so lovely to work with, and made the work a very enjoyable experience for me.”  Bogart shares Moroder’s enthusiasm, observing, “Elizabeth is a true artiste, someone my Dad would’ve adored, a real Casablanca artist whose vision transcends decades of music and sensuality. To cultivate this project alongside the legendary Giorgio, with Casablanca, has been a longtime dream of mine come true.”

Limited Edition Giorgio Moroder Custom Synth On The Way


About a week and a half ago, close observers caught sight of what seemed to be a custom-made synth being played by Italo-disco godhead Giorgio Moroder — whose comeback album is due out in June — in a video and started getting very excited, but no official information was made available about it until now. If you’re connected to Moroder’s official page on Facebook (and why wouldn’t you be?) you may have seen him post a link to a site about the new MoroderNova, which makes the musical legend’s legacy just a little bit larger.

After Moroder used a Novation MiniNova synth during his American DJ debut performance at Deep Space at Cielo in NYC two years ago, the seed was planted for what has now been revealed as a limited-edition custom Moroder-branded version of the instrument.

There will only be 500 MoroderNovas sold, but every one will come custom-loaded with special patches based on some of Moroder’s most famous productions, from his pioneering work with Donna Summer on “I Feel Love” to his trailblazing electronic instrumental “The Chase” and many more.

And every time you sneak a peek at the top of the synth, you’ll see the trademark shades-and-mustache Moroder logo letting you know you’re behind the wheel of a Giorgio machine. In the meantime, register at the site to find out when the MoroderNova will be available.

74-Year-Old Disco Legend Giorgio Moroder to Release ‘Déjà vu’ in June

Giorgio Moroder

After telling the world last November about his upcoming artist album — his first in over 30 years — iconic 74-year-old disco-producer legend formally announced today that he will release Déjà vu on June 16, 2015.

The album features a host of collaborations with an array of pop artists including Britney Spears, Charli XCX, Kylie Minogue, Mikky Ekko, Foxes, Kelis, Marlene and Matthew Koma. The title track featuring Sia was released today.

Obligatory press gush from Moroder, who has produced a litany of award-winning albums for Donna Summer and David Bowie, appeared on Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories and not too long ago started a new career as a DJ: “So excited to release my first album in 30 years; it took quite some time. Who would have known adding the ‘click’ to the 24 track would spawn a musical revolution and inspire generations. As I sit back readily approaching my 75th birthday, I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’m incredibly happy that I got to work with so many great and talented artists on this new record. This is dance music, it’s disco, it’s electronic, it’s here for you. Once you listen… you’ll feel it… déjà vu.”

With tracks to his credit like his recent single “74 is the New 24,” age continues to be nuthin’ but a number for Giorgio Moroder.

Déjà vu track listing:

“4 U With Love”
“Déjà vu feat. Sia”
“Diamonds feat. Charli XCX”
“Don’t Let Go feat. Mikky Ekko”
“Right Here, Right Now feat. Kylie Minogue”
“Tempted feat. Matthew Koma”
“74 Is The New 24”
“Tom’s Diner feat. Britney Spears”
“Wildstar feat. Foxes”
“Back & Forth feat. Kelis”
“I Do This For You feat. Marlene”
“La Disco”