Premiere: Thousand Fingers – Je T’aime


Thousand Fingers is the nom de plume of up-and-coming London-based producer/sound engineer Hakan Ozkan. Over the past few years he’s dropped a series of successful tracks and remixes. His musical journey rises to the next level with his latest effort, “Je T’aime,” a bumpin’ disco-house jam out on November 22 via Made Crazy Music.

Ozkan had this to say of the track’s evolution:

“When I first created the verbal loop that you hear at the beginning – actually, there is no meaningful words in that loop…it consists of keys, some noise, and an echoing meaningless speech – it sounded like someone saying Je T’aime in a very cold way. However, the word itself contains very warm feelings, so I came up with the idea a of creating a bittersweet vibe. Along the musical production process it started to embody a narcissistic character who shows love only to himself. From my perspective, this form of love is a very exclusive feeling for an individual. However, it can be perceived as a negative thing form the outside.”

Hit the play button below, and get a first listen to this fiery floor burner.

Darren Ressler

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