Premiere: Peace to Mateo – Blue Light Ocean

Peace to Mateo Album Artwork

Peace to Mateo is the musical nom de plume of Detroit producer/founder of Young Heavy Souls Records Matt Black. Since forming YHS in 2011, Black’s imprint has released choice recordings by a diverse roster of artists including Blockhead, Eliot LippCru the Dynamic and Mux Mool.

On his upcoming eight-track debut album, Some Strange Reason, Black embarks down a road of musical exploration, navigating through genres like downtempo, glitch and dub.

We’re thrilled to world premiere “Blue Light Ocean,” a majestic trip-hop track culled from the LP where Black lets his imagination run wild.

“While arranging the final version, I envisioned being tossed around an ocean at night, being submerged and pulled along with the current towards some surreal beach,” Black says. “‘Blue Light Ocean’ represents one of the main themes of the album, which is the balance between organic and digital. There’s a lot of synthesized sounds juxtaposed with guitar, bass and live drum recordings. This track also serves as a time capsule that includes dozens of samples I recorded from fellow YHS artists over the last two years. Alongside the programmed drum patterns are kit recordings of Nuntheless and Wing Vilma. I tracked them jamming over the track separately, almost a year apart, and used bits and pieces to create some of the drum loops you hear in the song. There’s also vocal chops from Primer, and random horn stabs from Norty that I recorded when I went to visit him last year in Colorado.”

Get a first listen below and be sure to check the PTM’s debut album on August 31.

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Darren Ressler

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