Premiere: Watch the Bloody Good Video for Wild Style Lion feat. Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon “Lovewasinme” (Khan Remix)


Wild Style LionKhan Of Finland, Philipp Virus and Boris Bergmann — had the good fortune of being invited to support indie-rock legends Dinosaur Jr. on their 2013 tour of Germany. During the trek frontman J Mascis introduced former Sonic Youth bassist Kim Gordon to the band in Berlin. The meeting with the post-punk visionary led to two tracks, “Lovewasinme” and “Grey Sedan,” on WSL’s self-titled 2015 debut. (Fun fact: Mascis appeared on album cut “No President.”)

Cut to 2018 and “Lovewasinme” has been remixed by Khan, who is the proprietor of Temple Traxx Records. The remix is set for a vinyl-only release on April 27. We’re pleased to world premiere the acid-house soaked remix and updated music video that’s awash with blood, wolves and people up strange things in a forest.

“I did this video for the original version of ‘Lovewasinme,’ a really dark fairy tale-ish ritual which ends in a surrealistic/psychedelic astral travel,” says Phillip Virus, who directed the video. “When Khan played me the remix version it was clear to remix the video as well myself. So I slowed down the footage to 66 percent and edited strobes in myself by the beat to get this hypnotic vibe the track got.”

Darren Ressler

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