Premiere: Iori Wakasa Vinyl-Only Mix


Tokyo-based deep-house doyen Iori Wakasa has been making waves in recent years, DJing all over the world and releasing gorgeous cuts on labels such as Saw Recordings, Get Physical, Highgrade and WirSindEins. Tomorrow Steve Bug’s Dessous Recordings will present Wakasa’s stunning Give Me Yourself EP, a four-tracker of mindfully crafted subterranean excursions.

In honor of the EP’s release Wakasa put together a wondrous 16-track vinyl-only DJ mix featuring tasty nuggets from kindred spirits including Snad, Nu Zau, Monsieur Blue, Chris Career and Voiski. About halfway into the set Wakasa cleverly drops “Give Me,” a jittery sample track you’ll want to rewind and listen to a few dozen times.

Hit the play button below and let Wakasa be your tour guide on a memorable journey.

Iori Wakasa Vinyl-Only Mix Track List

  1. Snad – Excerptz – Smallville
  2. Yate – Beautiful People – Propaganda Records
  3. Nu Zau – 112 – Mulen
  4. Unknown – Something Else – Digwah
  5. Tagir Sadyrbaev, Alexey Orlov – LF – Slowdance
  6. Monsieur Blue – Track 1 – Monsieur Blue
  7. DJ Jes – Difficult – Tardis Records
  8. Iori Wakasa – Give Me – Dessous Recordings
  9. Chris Career – Pink Planet – Slapfunk
  10. Andomat3000 – Fuer Erdmann – Kriemhilds Nachtkuss
  11. Nastia – Miy Kolir – Park & Ride
  12. Herck – Splendorious – Razom
  13. Unknown – A1 – Owl
  14. Voiski – Let Down Disco – Sheik ‘n’ Beik
  15. Tim Toh – Endlessly – City Fly
  16. Janeret – Nightfall – Rora

Darren Ressler

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