Premiere: Denis Rodd – Crisalida

Denis Rodd Embryo EP Cochlea Music

Berlin-based producer Denis Rodd is exploring the axis where house and techno meet. He’s about to add to the musical conversation with his stunning Embryo EP due out April 7 on his Cochlea Music label. The EP is a deep, cinematic offering of meditative tech-house with elegant dollops of funk, funk and more funk.

We’re extremely pleased to world premiere opening cut “Crisalida,” a smoldering production informed by analog synths and head-nodding groove. Read on to learn how Rodd came to realize the track, and hit the play button below.

I did all the drums in the drum machine Analog Rytm. It’s great to tweak very deep and to have all the control of every beat and how to arrange them together, from kick drum until hi-hats. The idea is always to do funky and groovy drums, as I understand that funky is at the roots of the dance music and great to dance to.

Then I recorded everything in the box with Ableton Live, and I added a bassline which fits with the drums. Many of the sounds are samples or loops which I edited later to have its own character and to make them fit in the track, rhythmically and musically. I also used the analog synth Analog 4 connected to my master keyboard to play it by myself instead of triggering or sequencing it and again recorded in the box.

Of course I use classical effects (reverb, delays, and so on), but one I really like is the NI Molekular, which is a modular multi-effects unit, perfect to get this kind of happy accidents by making music and which helped to me to get this musical breaks in the track.

Darren Ressler

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