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Singer/songwriter/producer Dazeases (a.k.a. London Perry) has been developing her stripped-down lo-fi electro-pop signature over the course of releasing her Lame Parties debut EP and C R U M B S full-length. A provocateur who injects heartfelt, deeply personal feelings into her songs, she juxtaposes her music with what some (not us) might deem as racy onstage attire. Her mission statement takes a cue from the sad-songs-say-so-much chapter in Elton John’s playbook and is dedicated to finding the courage to fearlessly bare her soul.

Ahead of the release of her Local Slut EP on EggHunt Records (both Dazeases and her label are based in Richmond, VA) on the imprint’s cassette series, we’re thrilled to world premiere “Plum” from the upcoming release. An artist who is unafraid to draw outside of the musical lines and wrestle with her emotions in her music, we asked Dazeases to give us the backstory behind the emotive song:

“‘Plum’ is about having been in a hetero/cis-passing relationship, where maybe both partners held their tongues about themselves in regards to their sexual orientation and gender identity. I wanted to chance to be honest about myself and also to address what I never asked of my ex. There were a lot of problems in that relationship that left me with many nagging ‘what if’ thoughts, but I wanted to have at least one song written to that person that expressed my love and support rather than the hurt and resentment I expressed on the Welcome Back EP. My bonus track on the upcoming Local Slut EP explains the sentimentality that I now associate with the word “plum” in an intimate way whereas this track is bolder and overt. A declaration to remind myself that the love I felt was once true, which I feel embarrassed to admit now that we are severed.”

Darren Ressler

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