Premiere: Pineapple Pop – RJCTD (Rob Made remix)


London meets Istanbul in Rob Made‘s remix of Pineapple Pop‘s “RJCTD.” It’s the new single from the Istanbul-based artist on Sleazy Deep Records, following his debut EP, RVLTN. And while the original track itself actually dips into some rather Brit-flavored, bass-heavy grime and garage flavors, achieving a bit of an international feel, Sleazy Deep main man Made’s remix of the tune takes it to a whole other level.

A touch of techno and a dizzying dollop of ’90s-style house inform Made’s remix, pushing Pineapple Pop’s track even further into your face (and feet) for maximum impact. Hackney Polo Club and Lisbon-based Xinobi add their own takes on the tune to the new release as well, but below you can hear the Rob Made remix in all it’s house-heavy glory.

Jim Allen

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