Support Give A Beat’s Crowdfunding Campaign to Help Ex-Cons Enter the Electronic Music World


How can you contribute to the greater good of the electronic music world and do your part to combat America’s mass incarceration epidemic at the same time? By supporting the nonprofit Give A Beat organization’s new crowdfunding effort, “On a New Track.” It’s a music-powered mission designed to aid people exiting the prison system. Running through June 24, On a New Track aims to raise $15,000 to build an entrepreneur mentor program to give the formerly incarcerated options for “creative economic self-sufficiency” and prevent recidivism.

Board member Tomas Palermo says, “Give A Beat harnesses the resources of the electronic music community—DJs, producers and artists—to do social good, specifically volunteer time at music workshops for underserved youth, and raise funds for entrepreneur initiatives…facilitating internships and jobs in the entertainment industry for people coming out of prison. Artists like Nickodemus, Stacey “Hotwaxx” Hale, Marques Wayatt and Will Magid are supporters. They’ve done dozens of music workshops with youth in LA and other cities, and hosted events at this year’s Movement festival in Detroit. I hope they make their latest funding goal. It could really make a tangible impact on communities that need support.” You can do your part to help by donating at the On a New Track page.

Jim Allen

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