Premiere: Radiolevel – “Enter The Square”

radiolevel enter the square

Many DJs nowadays are drawn to the glare of the spotlight like moths to a flame. That’s all well and good for some but not for emerging phenom Radiolevel. You see he’s found his artistic stride making quality house tracks from the periphery of the shadows. Born in Guyana and raised in Belgium, his productions for a spate of labels (Stab Recordings, Miracle Recordings, Kiko) have consistently bred fresh, innovative ideas, and it’s obvious that he’s just scratched the surface of his musical potential. So it is only fitting that a man who prefers to let his music do the talking for him connected with likeminded countrymen Crack And Crunch’s Hit By A Truck label (check out C&C’s exclusive Big Shot Guest Mix here) to release his Enter the Square EP. We’re excited to world premiere the gloriously minimal title track from Radiolevel’s latest effort, a head-nodding romp with deep, haunting bass, a wicked 4/4 groove and some eerie samples. Go hit the play button below — if you dare.

Darren Ressler

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