Julian Jeweil 5 Tracks of the Moment

Julian Jeweil

Techno master Julian Jeweil has continued to blaze trails ever since ever he released “Air Conditionné” in 2007. Over the past decade he’s continued to evolve his sound on productions for Minus, Form, Plus 8 and Cocoon and remixes for Adam Beyer, Ida Engberg, Moby, Pan-Pot, Joseph Capriati and Marc Houle. Currently on tour in North and South America — with a back2back trek with Popof in the planning stage (!) — we checked in with Jeweil and asked him to tell us about five fresh tunes he can’t live without.

Catch Julian Jeweil at Heart in Miami on February 26, Nite Owl in Calgary on February 27, Freedom Festival in Medellin, Colombia on March 5, Impulse713 at Pure, Houston on March 12, and Exchange with Chris Liebing in Los Angeles on March 19.

1. Nathan Barato Feat. Kid Enigma – “When I Do (My Thang)”
I am totally obsessing over this one at the moment’ it’s a masterpiece. When I play it during my sets, it’s obvious the crowd is very receptive to these fresh, punchy sounds. I can truly feel it.

2. Discrete Circuit – “Incursion MB Edit” (Mark Broom RMX)
I love this track because it has a very particular sound to it. It’s quite mechanical, techno-sounding and brings such a great positive tension onto the dance floor.

3. Weska – “Third Eye”
This one is very peculiar and unique. It manages to be at the same time dreamlike, aerial, melodic and industrial. What a combination. I find it very interesting to play it at the very end.

4. Andres Gil & Uron – “​Let’s Smoke”
“Let’s Smoke” is a much more mental, darker track. That’s precisely why I’m inclined to play it, as I like to diversify my sets and pick different genres.


5.​ Dast – “Panthalassa” (​Clio Remix​)​
“Pantahallas” remixed by Clio blends genres in a very nice way. The ​techno part with the big kick perfectly matches the other softer, catchier melodic part. A very successful track. I love it!

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