Premiere: Hardsoul – “Back Together” (Sandy Turnbull’s Booty Remix)


When you listen to a tune like the Dutch house duo Hardsoul’s 2003 track “Back Together,” you might marvel at the groove, the production, or any number of other things, but most people probably wouldn’t hear it and think, “I can do more with it.” But then again, most people aren’t Sandy Turnbull, are they? The UK DJ/prpducer, who counts titans like Derrick Carter and Todd Terry among his supporters, did indeed decide to bring his own personal spin to that Hardsoul tune, and while we don’t want to be accused of heresy or anything, he might just have improved on it. He doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel with his remix, but Turnbull does undeniably add something slinky, sexy and soulful to a tune that was not previously lacking in any of those departments. Not an easy task, but if it was easy, everybody would be doing it. Download this bad boy below.

Jim Allen

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