Premiere: Idriss D – “Amalgamation”


Even though Idriss D has spent the last decade-plus establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with on the Italian dance music scene, with a catalog that includes a batch of well received EPs, Amalgamation marks the first time he has ever unleashed a full-length album. So naturally, the record will arrive freighted with the anticipation and expectations of those who’ve been following him along.

Idriss actually grew up in Paris before making his home in Italy, and the ’90s acid house-influenced sound he serves up on the album sounds very much like the product of a man with a global vision. Simultaneously dreamy and percolating, the title track bubbles up with an energy that can be intoxicating, but Idriss is adept at keeping the dynamics subtly shifting, so things dial back down for a while before he bumps it all up again, giving the whole thing a kind of rollercoaster-ride feel. The album is out on December 18 via Memento Records, but you can start soaking up that title tune right here and now.

Jim Allen

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