Premiere: B3D – “I Want You”


What happens when you bring together a skilled engineer who has worked at one of the most legendary studios in New York City (with a CV that includes everyone from Kanye West to Mary J. Blige) and and a classically trained musician with a Master’s Degree in piano? Well, it’s not just a hypothetical question, it’s a real-life duo.

As B3D, Bruno Sutter and Deborah Robb bring together a broad range of skills to create a sound that’s pretty far from Robb’s classical background, but still pretty damn sophisticated-sounding. On the duo’s first track to include their own vocals, they work up a shifting landscape of shimmering synth textures in order to redefine the old Beatles tune “I Want You,” transforming it from a howling, bluesy cry of desperation into a sleek, slinky, come-hither whisper.

Jim Allen

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