Premiere: Deo & Z-Man – “Rambrendt” (Panthera Krause Remix)


Deo & Z-Man hail from Hamburg, but the influences they bring to bear in their music are a global mix of flavors and feels. German techno, American hip-hop and electro, Italo-disco, it’s all there simmering beneath the surface of their sound. And one of the interesting things about their new EP, which showcases several remixes of the track “Rambrendt,” is that different pieces of the duo’s sonic puzzle pop up to the surface depending on which remix you’re listening to. The EP offers a Private Party mix, a Superguru & DJ Kaos mix, a Profi mix, and — as premiered here — a Panthera Krause remix. In the case of the latter, it’s a full-on electro assault, as 808-style beats bounce across your brain with glee. The EP is out November 12 on the hfn label, but in the meantime, grab this sneak peek at what it’s got in store.

Deo & Z-Man’s Rambrendt EP is out November 13 on hafendisko.

Jim Allen

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