Cristian Varela’s 5 Tracks of the Moment


Madrid-based techno DJ/producer Cristian Varela just presented the world with a career-defining album, Max & Max, for Carl Cox and Jon Rundell’s famed Intec label. Fueled by rousing lead tracks “Love Perc” and “Caramba,” his third full-length finds him further evolving his sound and setting the stage for him to perform his new tracks live at club shows. We checked in Varela and asked him to wax poetic about his five favorite tracks of the moment.

1. Cristian Varela – “Fascinator”
This actually is my favorite track on my new album, Max & Max. Why? Because I used all the ingredients I always love to use in a techno creation. The bass is deep and very powerful.

2. Gabriel D´Or & Bordoy – “VAP”
These guys are definitely bringing about a revolution within the techno scene. Their productions are always very sophisticated and pure. They’re full of amazing atmospheric layers, and what’s special about this track is they have found a melodic sound but have also managed to keep the techno soulful.

3. Jel Ford – “Overcast”
“Overcast” reminds me of the old-school sound but with an actual structure. The mood and the vibe when I play it is amazing. I love this creation from Jeremy. Congrats, man.

4. Cristian Varela – “Human”
This is another jewel that’s featured on my new album. It’s dark, emotional, experimental and with a pitched vocal speaking about the humans. Are we robots? Or humans?

5. Jay Lumen – “LondON”
Jay has for a longtime been one of my favorite producers. Always when I see a new track from him I just buy it. “LondON” has the perfect beat to mix with everything. It is the typical tune I’m waiting anxiously to play because I know the reaction on the dance floor will always be huge.

Darren Ressler

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