Premiere: Unai – “October Star”


Back in 2006 Swedish artist and producer Erik Möller released A Love Moderne, a seminal album brimming with emotional electronic-fueled songs that won the hearts of fans and critics alike. Instead of striking while the proverbial iron was hot, Möller, who had previously crafted gorgeous dub-house and silky disco tracks in the ’90s for imprints such as Naked Music, Raum Musik and Sub Static, embarked on a personal exploration of self-discovery. Aside from select collaborations, most notably appearing on “Lone Runner” on Kris Menace’s Features album, Möller began dissecting each aspect of his musical life.

During his journey Möller experienced the downfall of his Force Tracks label but eventually found the inspiration that put him in the proper creative space to revisit Unai.

Almost a decade later he’s just unveiled Unai’s brand-new pop-tinged single “Stealing Time.” As the planet soaks in his gem, we’re especially excited  to world premiere “October Star” from Unai’s forthcoming album Human Empire.

“October Star” finds Möller further refining his minimal, synth-charged sensibility, one that’s complimented by delicate, subtle textures and his gifted, often emotionally vulnerable voice.

Second acts don’t come as good as this.

Unai’s Human Empire is released April 13, 2015 via Better Music.

Darren Ressler

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