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Florian Kruse

Our appreciation of Florian Kruse‘s production chops dates back two years when he dropped the killer track “The Block” with Kevin Knapp on Andre Crom’s OFF Recordings. He’s continued to impress us on subsequent outings for Subjekt and Noir Music. Is there no stopping this funk phenomenon? Currently riding high on the success of his recent Sirens EP with Hendrik Burkhard for Poker Flat, we tracked Kruse down and asked him to share five tracks he currently can’t live without.

1. Maceo Plex – “Solar Detroit” (Ellum)
This one is kind of an old acquaintance but still always creates a very special moment in my sets. It reminds me of “Acid Eiffel” on F-Communications from some time ago. It has the perfect breakdown, and I really like the very techno last quarter of the track.

2. Moonwalk – “Meteora” (Stil Vor Talent)
Moonwalk have delivered some quality tracks over the past few months. I really like the high energy of their music. I played “Meteora” for the first time in Zurich at Bellevue last week, and I could tell that the crowd liked it just as much as I do.

3. Florian Kruse & Hendrik Burkhard – “Sirens” (Poker Flat Recordings)
I was sitting on this one for quite some time and it turned out to be my secret weapon. As we produced this track during the last weeks of my wife’s pregnancy, it has quite an emotional component to me.

4. Pirupa & Bon Homme – “Rising” (Nonstop)
I recently played in Kiev and the Ukrainian duo Artbat played this one when taking over from me. A perfect fit to my closing track, “The Ground” on Green. Bon Homme’s voice and the acid elements is what makes this tune so special to me.


5. Re.You & Florian Busse – “Cuando” (This And That)
“Cuando” is a real summer gem. The mixture of Re.You’s signature percussions, an epic bassline and the Spanish vocal just make this one my fifth track of the moment.

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