Fatima Hajji 5 Tracks of the Moment

Fatima Hajji

Nearly two decades into her career as a DJ/producer/Taikatta label owner, Fatima Hajji continues to evolve her sound. Known throughout the global scene for the unique twist she brings to techno, she’s become a mainstay at all of the European festivals that matter.

Currently spending the summer trekking around Europe and points beyond, we caught up with the revered party rocker and asked her to share five tracks she can’t live without.

Fango – “Rectum” (Original Mix)

For me this track is incredible. It’s got everything a great techno track needs — a lot of force in the kick, nice groove and with that percussion it’s incredible! Without a doubt it takes you — it takes us ‚ on a trip. It also includes a drastic and unexpected break that leaves you completely shaken. The truth is nothing beats that break. I love to play it toward the end of my sets because it’s a track that completes me — it also works wonders on the dance floor.

Dalfie – “Something For Your Mind” (Extended Edit)
This track is different and very striking with some great vocals that won’t leave you indifferent. It’s very emotional, especially at the start. I love it for that very reason. It’s a song that’s full of perfection, and personally it’s a track that helps me transition and pave the way from one path to a harder path. I also enjoy using it to open a set.

Dani Masi – “Alone in the Dark” (Original Mix)

This track has already been out for a while. It came out a few months ago, but nevertheless you can’t tell and it’s stayed very fresh. It has maximum energy and the break is great to play around with a few effects. It’s really fun to play, and I was lucky enough to release it on one of my labels.

Pig&Dan – “Detroit” (Gabriel D’Or & Bordoy Remix)
This track is a little bit darker in comparison to the others. It has a lot of force and a lot of strength and energy. I really like how “round” (fat) the kick is. The synth they use before the break, and the silence with reverb that lingers before the break so that when everything comes up afterwards, feels like it has more muscle. This track makes my hair stand on end.

DJ Hyperactive – “Venus” (Truncate Remix)
I like this track a lot. The sound from this producer is normally pretty dark but it always has a great groove that makes it different to all the others. It’s got a lot of energy — that’s one of the things I like the most. Combined with a melody that makes it very dynamic, and with a small silence broken nearly straight away with a kick, apart from giving you a little breather on the dance floor, it makes you come back with a lot more strength.

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