Dinner DJ Turntable Plate Is The Greatest Thing Ever

Dinner DJ Turntable Plate

Let’s face the music, people: Getting kids to eat dinner is not always an easy proposition. Thank goodness someone came up with the amazing idea to create the Dinner DJ, an interactive dining set that has a “tone arm” combo spoon-knife-fork, interactive twistable knobs and a record-style spinning plate. It’s molded from 100% food-safe melamine with details molded from durable food-safe polypropylene, measures approximately 9.5 inches wide x 8.25 deep and will retail for $28 in April (pre-order it now via Fred & Friends). Buy one now for the aspiring lil’ superstar DJ in your life who can’t live without good beets.

[via Incredible Things]

Dinner DJ Turntable Plate

Darren Ressler

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