Boy Oh Boy Do We Like Eclectic Method’s Cookie Monster Trap Remix

cookie-monster eclectic method trap remix

Eclectic Method’s Cookie Monster trap remix is just what the doctor ordered. The groundbreaking audio-visual remix collective usher Sesame Street’s beloved, cookie-obsessed character with abysmal grammar into the bass-driven world of trap in their own inimitable way. C-c-c-cookie! Fancy the remix? You can download the track for free.

Dinner DJ Turntable Plate Is The Greatest Thing Ever

Dinner DJ Turntable Plate

Let’s face the music, people: Getting kids to eat dinner is not always an easy proposition. Thank goodness someone came up with the amazing idea to create the Dinner DJ, an interactive dining set that has a “tone arm” combo spoon-knife-fork, interactive twistable knobs and a record-style spinning plate. It’s molded from 100% food-safe melamine with details molded from durable food-safe polypropylene, measures approximately 9.5 inches wide x 8.25 deep and will retail for $28 in April (pre-order it now via Fred & Friends). Buy one now for the aspiring lil’ superstar DJ in your life who can’t live without good beets.

[via Incredible Things]

Dinner DJ Turntable Plate

What You Need For Record Store Day: Crosley Peanuts Cruiser Turntable

Peanuts Turntable Records store day_

While vinyl afficiandos are chomping at the bit to find out more about the turntable Pioneer teased last month, there’s a buzz building about another deck. Available exclusively at select indie record shops in the U.S. on Record Store Day on April 19, the Crosley Peanuts Cruiser Turntable is a perfect throwback for those who grew up with portable turntables, or those wanting to share the experience with the current generation. The briefcase style unit is made out of wood and bound in a leatherette material and includes built-in stereo speakers. The turntable retails for $119.95 and will definitely sell-out, meaning that notorious sad sack Charlie Brown definitely won’t get one.


NP6 Needle
Belt-Driven Turntable Mechanism
Manual Return Tone Arm
Plays 3 Speeds – 33 1/3, 45 And 78 RPM Records
Dynamic Full Range Stereo Speakers
Output – RCA, Headphone Jack
AC Power Adapter

Unit (L x W x H) = 4.63 x 14 x 10.5
Unit Weight (Lbs) = 5.5
Shipping (L x W x H) = 15 x 15 x 10
Shipping Weight (Lbs) = 9

The Club World’s Next Sensation: DJ Hello Kitty

DJ Hello Kitty

As the global DJ community ponders the validity of Richie Hawtin playing Marquee in Las Vegas and if it’s okay for Disclosure to mime tracks on stage, Hello Kitty, the cat character popularized by Japan’s Sanrio Corporation, has been not so quietly taking the club world by storm.

The wildly popular feline has been working the decks for years, spinning at in-store appearances and doing gigs at clubs in Asia. She even works behind the boards, producing Japanese pop singer Ayumi Hamasaki’s upcoming single “Feel the Love/Merry-Go-Round” due out on December 25 and issuing her In The Mix DJ mix compilation featuring Bob Sinclar and Mariah Carey in 2010 and Everybody Dance in 2011 featuring a selection of Japanese artists.

According to her website, Kitty originally dreamed of becoming a pianist: “You can connect the hearts of people all over the world in music, want to get along together. This is the wish of Kitty. To realize this wish, the music that is capable commune and heart people in the same space. It was decided to send to the world. It is the beginning of ‘DJ Hello Kitty.'”

In this clip from an appearance at a shopping mall in Bangkok, DJ Hello Kitty shows that she’s down by dropping “Barbra Streisand” by Duck Sauce for a crowd of excited children and their parents:

At this appearance in Shibuya, Japan, Kitty even shakes a paw during her set, dropping some dance moves while a song plays on her CDJs. Nervo, are you watching?

Sanrio, who just happen to market a line of DJ headphones, T-shirts and gear aimed at kids and collectors, is gearing up for Hello Kitty’s 40th anniversary in 2014 and have announced that SMAP’s aptly titled “Hello” is the official song. Watch the Japanese ’80s boy band performing with DJ Hello Kitty here, and be on the lookout for cross promotion galore in the cat character’s upcoming club sets.

A character who wears a cat head and DJs. That leaves us to ponder the possibilities of a world tour with deadmau5.