Video Premiere: ArchiveX – “Hymmmn”

ArchiveX Some Ungodly Hour

As the cult of personality dominates pop culture, anonymous musician ArchiveX prefers to let his (or her?) music do the talking. An artist of integrity who is uninterested with the pomp and circumstance of fame, even the act of wearing a mask comes off too much like a shtick (no offense, Daft Punk and Claptone) for this artist. Far removed from the glare of the spotlight, ArchiveX explores the soulful musical terrain of gospel that’s often ignored by contemporary artists.

In March ArchiveX will release Some Godly Hour, an album featuring collaborations with Holy Strays, Igloo, Gabbay and JD Mayer. We’re thrilled to world premiere the gorgeous video for “Hymmmn” animated by Pirate Vereker, Joe Mcclune & 5DN and directed by Pirate Vereker and ArchiveX.

“‘Hymmmn’ is intended as a sort of prayer to the humbling awe and mystery of life — a moment of recognition that we are tiny finite creatures in an infinite and ultimately unfathomable universe,” ArchiveX says of the song. “We muddle along as best we can, we get the crap kicked out of us left and right, and we never quite know what the heck we’re supposed to be all about, but from time to time we have a fleeting sense of connection to a bigger picture – something vast, terrifying and beautiful.

“The video tries to capture something of that sense. It is also a bit of a creation fable: In the beginning there was nothing but water, inert earth and sun, but then through some mysterious voodoo the spark of life leapt forth from those basic ingredients. Four billion years of indefatigable DNA replication later, here we stand in a teeming garden of spectacularly variety — every creature, flower, leaf and root ultimately tracing a shared ancestry back to that first spark. We are all one and the same.”

Amen to that.

ArchiveX’s Some Godly Hour is released in March. Some Ungodly Remixes will be released in April.

Darren Ressler

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