Premiere: Tevo Howard – ‘Here And Now Film Collection’


A busted knee caused by a skateboard mishap as a kid led Chicago native Tevo Howard to explore his family’s turntable. Little did he know at that time he was embarking on the first step of a lifelong musical journey that would take him all over the world. Known for his signature deep-house grooves and real deal electro (not the shoddy EDM kind), Howard wisely used his video camera to document his travels between Chicago and Berlin over the past four years.

He’s compiled key moments of his experiences into a 45-minute short film, Here And Now Film Collection, which we’re pleased to world premiere.

In Here And Now Film Collection Howard allows us to be a fly on the wall. One scene he’s shooting the shit with the staff at Gramaphone Records in Chitown; and the next he’s involved in an engaging conversation about musical aliases over a meal with producer peer Fred Peterkin.

“Many of the places and scenes within the films are of my favorite sitting places in Berlin and as well some of my favorite places to skateboard as a child, historic Chicago beach fronts, etc.,” Howard tells us. “Especially important to me is that some film footage shows some of the local community in my favorite neck of the woods in Chicago, beautiful Granville Avenue. Overall, it is just some films of things and places that fit the norm of me.”

Spoiler alert! At the end of the short film Howard skates off into the sunset down a charming Chicago street over his killer track “Specificity.” Don’t you love a happy ending?

Tevo Howard’s Black Electro Orchestra’s Holiday EP is out January 25 on Beautiful Granville.

Darren Ressler

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