Video Premiere: Tsaik – “Tehraj”


If we attempted to describe the video for Tsaik’s new single, “Tehraj,” you’d probably think we were just tripping our asses off on some obscure hallucinogenic concoction, so we won’t even try to detail the weird, wondrous visions that occupy the clip. Words wouldn’t do them justice anyway, and you can easily see the whole thing for yourself below. The song that goes along with it is appropriately kaliedoscopic, full of gleefully glitchy twists and turns, and hypnotic in an endlessly engaging way. Influenced by everyone from Bonobo and Burial to Boards of Canada (and even a few folks whose names don’t start with “b”), the Chicago duo of 20-year-olds Jacob McArthur and Joshua Ruffolo have crafted a sound that’s at once accessible and otherworldly. Brought to you by the Lost Tribe label, “Tehraj” and its accompanying remixes from Nuara, Pamina and SUGARQUOTE are like glimpses of an alternate reality that just might be a hell of a lot more fun than the one we’re living right now.

Jim Allen

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