Video Premiere: Embassy of Joy’s “Addiction”

Embassy Of Joy Addiction

No doubt inspired by the breathtaking natural wonders around them, Hawaiian duo Embassy of Joy make beautiful music together. After catching the ear of DJ/producer/Endless label honcho Luca Bacchetti, the twosome composed of DJ/producer Marasco and vocalist/songwriter Gretchen Rhodes (who was featured on country music star Kenny Chesney’s last album and is in a band with Mick Fleetwood from Fleetwood Mac) have stepped out in a big way with a deep, dubby and utterly gorgeous single for the imprint.

We’re thrilled to world premiere EoJ’s video for “Addiction” shot by director Alberto Guglielmi on location in Maui, which finds Rhodes sauntering about the beach with the ocean lapping up on the shore while Marasco eerily stand silent, wearing a mask until the last moments of the clip.

“The nature and the place where the music was developed are able to give the right influence to this sound,” says Bacchetti. “The frequencies are influenced by the surroundings. Embassy of Joy was born in Hawaii. Yes, it is classified as a paradise. In this paradise where a multicultural world meet with psychedelic, Polynesian and American sounds, it generates something really unique. When I heard ‘Addiction’ for the first time I realized that this melody was not going to leave my head any too soon…here it is.”

Embassy Of Joy’s “Addiction” featuring remixes by Johannes Brecht and Patlac is out now on Endless.

Embassy Of Joy “Addiction” ENDLESS from Endless Worldwide on Vimeo.

Darren Ressler

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