Basement Jaxx Unite With Korean Sisters for “Back 2 The Wild” [Video]

Basement Jaxx Back 2 The Wild

It might be sacrilege to say it, but I’ve always felt Basement Jaxx lost the plot ten years ago after they released Rooty, which spawned the international smashes “Romeo,” “Jus 1 Kiss” and “Where’s Your Head At?”. Their evolution into a faux live samba band just didn’t do it for me, probably because the musicianship wasn’t there and I had always wanted them to return to their early Atlantic Jaxx sound that gave us house classics like “Fly Life.”

Today the duo issued video for their new single “Back 2 The Wild,” and it’s a decent return to form. A fun uptempo tune that takes a page from Tom Tom Club’s ethos where world music and fun collided, the song fronted by Korean sisters Miss Emma Lee & Baby Chay is catchy enough to be a summer anthem. The dazzling video directed by Mat Maitland will certainly help the cause.

Darren Ressler

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