Premiere: Woody McBride – “Late Night”


Midwest legend Woody McBride (a.k.a. DJ ESP) has been knee-deep in techno since the ‘90s, throwing underground parties, producing music for a range of labels including Bush, Plus 8, Ovum Recordings and Skint, and doing his share to push the genre forward in America. Later this month the Minnesota-based marauder will present his three-track All Night EP on Josh Garrett’s Vancouver, BC-based techno label Subspec Music, which follows a pair of prior remixes McBride did for the imprint. We’re pleased to world premiere the opening cut “Late Night,” a deep tech-house effort that you’ll want to wrap your arms around and hug. Like all groovy, moody music intended to be played after-hours, this track simmers on a slow and oh-so-patient rolling boil.

Woody McBride’s All Night EP is released July 27, 2015, on Subspec Music.