Premiere: Torgny – Ghost


Shaped by the raw energy and DIY spirit of the hardcore/punk scene, Oslo singer/songwriter Torgny’s musical point of view has eschewed fleeting musical fads and trends. His aesthetic achieved critical mass with the release of 2013’s Oil Panic, an album widely praised for its unbridled synth-rock fury.

Torgny returns this month with the first of three EPs from the Cut & Run trilogy due this year on Telemachus Records. He says the theme is a reference to cutting loose a ship’s anchor and sailing away quickly from an urgent situation. “And I think the urge to get out or to be somewhere else can be felt in all of these songs.”

We’re pleased to world premiere “Ghost,” an amalgam of electronic pop brandishing urgent vocals backed by bulging synth-driven melodies and riffs. Check the tune below and track down the full release on February 17.

Image by Willibald Storn