Premiere: The Third Mind – Consequences


Under the helm of Creative Director SnowSkull Sleep / Walk / Listen is an ongoing collaborative project pairing electronic music producers and visual artists. The seventh musical endeavor from S/W/L finds artists Jauge, Morris Cowan and Owls (a.k.a. Olly from Bodhi) uniting with SnowSkull to form The Third Mind.

The audio-visual project draws influence from ‘cut-up’ (or découpé in French), a Dadaist literary technique where existing text is cut-up and rearranged to create a new output.

According SnowSkull, “I wanted the artwork to represent the process that was used to create the track. The style resembles that of a sketchbook, where ideas were added and developed as a new element was added to the music. To consolidate the theme, cuttings from a William Burroughs book were used to doth a cap at the cut-up technique.”

He adds, “The Third Mind, is the name for a longer term project that will include the Jauge, Morris Cowan, Owls and the wider Sleep / Walk / Listen team. The name comes directly from this setup Third – relating to the three music artists involved, and ‘Mind’ relating to Sleep / Walk / Listen and my artwork for the partnership.”

We’re extremely pleased to world premiere the outfit’s debut offering, “Consequences,” a rockin’ seven-minute house track that’ll light up any dance floor.