Compilation Review: ‘The Pink Collection’ (Eskimo Recordings)



With all the creaminess of a Belgian chocolate, The Pink Collection parades 13 exclusives of dream house in pursuit of polygon paramours. A day in the life of a color-coded Eskimo icon is to be caught gazing at itself in the mirror before being called up for astronaut’s duty, such is the inexorable relationship cosmic disco seems to have with comic book concepts of space travel.

The softness and sparkle of straight lines made wavy, makes light of a hashtag of first world problems and holds a Euro exhilaration to sail away upon, with Majestique’s “Must Get There” a great holding down of the dance floor. For the most part the airbrushed pop of Holy Models and co is either poolside or shoulder padded up; Made In Sane are caressing the controls of a rocket ship launched from the whitest of sandy beaches, fronting what could just as well be a retro arcade simulator; and Ichisan dabbles in low strength acid for a new way to access the compilation’s collection of shooting stars.

When teetering, quite knowingly, on being too soft and similar to go anywhere — structurally you can tell where the collective are gonna dazzle — Kasper Bjørke stands up to dint the shine, and Mastercris crosses a Mad World-like divide thanks to an excellent vocal from Novika. It’s to the credit of its sequencing that The Pink Collection progressively starts to highlight small cracks in the facade, without shattering the illusion.

File under: Low Motion Disco, Allez Allez, Aeroplane